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Talk Light - full size traffic light READ MORE

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Talk Light

Red, Yellow, and Green lights don't just manage traffic anymore. When you have an actual size traffic light staring at you from across the room you certainly take notice of your surroundings.  purchase


Talk Light - $895 Plus shipping of $75

Wall mounted Talk Light traffic light. Light includes sensitivity control, alert volume control, red light timer, LED bulbs, 10 foot power cord, and wall mounting hardware.

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Talk Light Stand - $225 Plus shipping of $75

The Talk Light stand provides the flexibility to move the light to different locations within the room or out of the room if needed.  The pole is 8' tall and is secured to a base that was designed for the traffic light. 

Installation Instructions


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Remote Control - $90 Plus shipping of $10

The hand-held remote control allows the user to override the noise management function of the light. The light can be changed from green, yellow, yellow flashing, red and back to noise management with this hand-held remote. This feature is only available on the full size Talk Light.


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Timer - $45 Plus Shipping of $10

The timer allows the Talk Light to be preprogrammed to automatically turn on and off for the hours that are needed.

Timer Instructions


Maintenance Contracts - optional

Provides advance replacement if there is a functional failure with the light.  Light bulbs and fuses are not covered under the maintenance contract.

1 yr maintenance – $50

3 yr maintenance - $100


Shipping and Handling

Talk Light traffic light - $75

Talk Light and Stand - $150



  • Sensitivity control on outside of the traffic light.  Decibel level can be set from 60db to 100db.  This provides a large range of noise level to suit any environment and application.
  • Volume control for audible alert.  This feature can also be turned off
  • Red light time can be set from 1 - 9 minutes
  • Yellow flashing is a caution light giving the indication to the room that the noise level is too high.  This light will flash up to one minute providing the opportunity to lower the noise level prior to changing to red
  • Light colors can be changed manually if remote control is purchased
  • Important:  Light will not respond to sudden noise changes in the room
  • All Lights are LED, low power, low heat and still bright.


  • Objective and consistent in measuring and monitoring noise levels
  • Visual indication by vivid and universal color recognition – Red, Yellow, and Green
  • Self management based on light sequence and visual standards, established by the user
  • Traffic light can be mounted on the wall or on the Talk Light Stand


  • Dimensions: 10 inches wide, 38 inches tall and 14 inches deep
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Power Requirements: Standard grounded power outlet 10 ft power cord provided
  • Light Bulbs: Are LED Long life, bright standard colors.
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable from 60db to over 100db
  • Case Material: Polycarbonate
Talk Light too

Talk Light too allows you to manage size sensitive sites with a traffic light that is small and portable. As a small replica of an actual traffic light, red, yellow and green lights can be used in several unique applications. Inside the traffic light, a dual microprocessor can be programmed to meet your specific requirementspurchase


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Talk Light too $200

Timer  $45, plus shipping of $10 if ordered separately.

Remote Control  $90, plus shipping of $10 if ordered separately.

Shipping and Handling  $25

Warranty - 30 days from shipping


  • 8 different sensitivity settings for noise level
  • Volume control for audible alert.  Feature can also be turned off
  • Manually change colors to green, yellow and red.  This feature can be used to manually time speeches, testing, projects or any other timed events
  • Red light stays on for one minute if noise level exceeds acceptable level
  • Traffic light can be used on a table top or wall mounted
  • Important:  Light does not respond to sudden noise changes in the room


  • Objective and consistent in measuring and monitoring
  • Visual indication by vivid and universal color recognition – Red, Yellow and Green
  • Self management based on light sequence and visual standards, established by the user
  • Smaller size allows space sensitive sites to utilize identical management systems as Talk Light
  • Portable enough to carry to various locations


  • Dimensions: 6 inches wide, 18 inches tall, 4 inches deep
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Light Bulbs: Glass wedge base #918. Available at home improvement stores and automotive supply stores
  • Sensitivity: 54db to over 100db
  • Case Materials: Steel painted traffic light yellow

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Talk Light too Instructions

Talk Light Time Manager

A self-programmable traffic light designed for time sensitive applications.  The flexibility of the software allows the user to design the program for presentations, testing, training or other various timed events.  The light can run either attached to the PC or remotely once a program has been loaded.

A manual version of the time manager is also available.  This unit provides a switch to manually change the light color from green, yellow and red.  Available in yellow or black.   purchase


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Talk Light Time Manager  $275

Time Manager - Manual Operation    $200

Remote Control  $90

  • Now Available with the Automated Time Manager!  Remotely start, pause and stop timed functions.

Shipping and Handling - $25



  • Portable for usage in different locations. 
  • Flexible software that operates on a PC or Laptop
  • Programs can be written, stored and activated as needed
  • Number of programs are limited only to storage availability on computer


  • Dimensions: 6 inches wide, 18 inches tall, 4 inches deep
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Light Bulbs: Glass wedge base #918.  Available at home improvement stores and automotive supply stores
  • Case Materials: Steel painted high gloss black or traffic light yellow

Technical Requirements 

  • Time Manager’s software will run on a PC or laptop using Windows 98, ME, NT, Windows 2000 or XP.  You can also use a Macintosh if Windows is being utilized.
  • 12 Foot RS-232 cable is provided with 9 pin female to female connectors.  Functionality of the light can be extended up to 25 feet with customer provided cable.  If you need to extend past the 25’ limit, please contact us.
  • Serial Port is required on the PC or Laptop.

Print User Instructions

Design Your Own

Talk to us about your specific needs or view other applications that already use Talk Light traffic lights.   Both the Talk Light and Talk Light too can be customized.

Price will vary depending on application and requirements.


Manufacturing Plant - Talk Light can be used for a visual indication of a failure in a production line, a slow down or an emergency situation.  The light can also be used to monitor the noise level in plants to meet OSHA requirements.

Warehouse - Visual indicator to truck drivers on which dock to use or to staff to indicate which trucks need to be loaded.

Restaurants - Talk Light too can be used to manage the  noise level in the food preparation area so that customers are not disturbed.  Also, Talk Lights have been used in fast food restaurants to provide employees with a visual indication of the production level required.

Handicap - A major hotel chain has utilized the Talk Light too for access to a wheelchair ramp.  The Talk Light monitors traffic on the ramp and limits access while in use.  This application has been approved by the ADA.

Circuit Training - Use the Talk Light Time Manager to coordinate circuit training.  Program each light for the amount of time a person should work at a station and then provide an indication when it is time to move to the next station.

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